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Town of Jagodina - Central Serbia

Jagodina is situated in the central part of Serbia near Corridor 10, 140 km away from Belgrade and 100 km from Nis. All capital and large cities of South East Europe are located up to 500 km from Jagodina (Budapest, Sofia, Bucharest, Thessaloniki).

An electrified railway runs through Jagodina, connecting Central Europe with South Europe and Asia. 83000 inhabitants live in Jagodina and it is the center of Pomoravski region that has 260.000 inhabitants.

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Town of Valašské Meziříčí - Zlin Region

The town of Valašské Meziříčí is one of the gateways to the Beskydy mountains. It lies at the confluence of two rivers - the Bečva Rožnovská and the Vsetínská Bečva. The first recorded reference dates from 1297. The twin towns of Valašské Meziříčí and Krásno nad Bečvou (on the right bank of the Rožnovská Bečva river) were united in 1924. Before that time the towns shared the same overlords for several centuries.

A visit to this charming metropolis of Valašsko (Wallachia) is surely an interesting experience for foreign and native tourists alike.

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The South Moravian Region - Czech Republic

The South Moravian region covers an area of 7,062 sq. km. The metropolis of this region is Brno, the largest Moravian and the second largest city in the Czech Republic. The economic, social and political importance of Brno exceeds the borders of this region. Brno is a seat of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, the Office for the Protection of Economic Competition and the Office of the Public Protector of Rights (the Ombudsman). The city hosts international fairs, and is also an important academic centre and centre of sciences.

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The Olomouc Region - Czech Republic

The Olomouc Region covers an area of 5.139 sq. km. Its administrative centre is Olomouc. The settlement structure of this region differs from place to place; the prevalence of big villages is typical for the Hana area. In the mountainous terrain of the Sumperk and Jesenik districts, the settlement structure consists of small settlements. I

The Olomouc Region is characterised by difference in altitude and by climatic difference, and this reflects on the economic importance of its two distinct parts. The northern part of this region is primarily made up of the Jeseniky Mountain Range, where the soil is poor, and the climate is harsh and humid. The southern part of this region - the territory of the Olomouc, Prostejov and Prerov districts - is mainly lowland, and as for its soil fertility (the high quality black soil) and for its favourable climatic conditions, it belongs to one of the most fertile areas of the Czech Republic

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