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First Digital Farm opened in Serbia

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic opened yesterday in Krivaja, next to Backa Topola, the first Digital Farm in Serbia and the region, which represents a unique space in which the latest technologies and machinery are applied in a real production environment, in the field.

Brnabic explained that the farm will enable farmers to learn on the spot and for free how to reduce risks in production, consume less water and fertilisers and invest less resources, and receive higher yields.

She said that the opening of the Digital Farm shows that Serbia is the leader in the region and that it can become a leader in Europe when it comes to digitisation and new technologies in agriculture.

In that sense, the Prime Minister stressed that the building of the BioSense Institute, which will be a European centre of scientific excellence, must be built as soon as possible, for which the government will set aside €14 million.

Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Sam Fabrizi pointed out that agriculture in Serbia is an important drive and factor of development, and that in the past few years the export of agricultural products from Serbia has doubled.

The EU is today a major investor, trading partner and donor of Serbia and will continue to support it in the process of reforms in the path of European integration, but also for the benefit of the economy and citizens of Serbia, Fabrizi said.

The Union will continue to support Serbia in innovation through the Horizons 2020 project, as well as Serbian agriculture through the IPARD programme, which will provide €175 million of support.

Farmers will be able to learn how new technologies can help them improve production, from land preparation, sowing, irrigation, plant nutrition to harvesting and preparation for next season.

They will also be able to get information about the use of drones that are mapping the terrain, monitoring the growth of crops, detecting crop diseases, because when crops are viewed from the air, parts of the plots that are developing more poorly are better seen, so local measures can be implemented.

The farm has a physical part - modern equipment, tools and machinery, but also virtual, which is the AgroSense Crop Tracking Platform used by farmers since October.

(Government of Serbia)


author: nb-press